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Learning excellence takes on many forms here at St. Nicholas. In partnerships with parents and parish, staff and students provide many opportunities for all of us to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Students are encouraged to discover, use and develop their God given talents and do so on numerous occasions through their participation in different activities and clubs: Peer Helpers, Luke 4:18, sport teams, co-curricular clubs and more. We at St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary school believe that we are gifted with each other and that every student can learn and succeed in our school.

Our hope is that the St. Nicholas web page will give you updated information about the life of our school community through the school newsletter, Catholic School Council news and the various links on the sidebar. May you use this page to continue to be informed and to participate and help your child/ren participate in the various activities of our vibrant Catholic learning community here at St. Nicholas.

“We are gifted with each other”

Please visit our website regularly to read about how the development of the school is proceeding.