2020/21 Catholic School Council

Our Catholic School Council is an important part of a successful school year and we are pleased to announce this year’s council below. Our first council meeting is on Tuesday October 20th (a link will be emailed out). Council members are encouraged to review the following:

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2020/2021 St. Nicholas Catholic School Council

  1. Natasha Adzic
  2. Miriam Boutros-Dale
  3. Tina Cangialosi
  4. Maria Cansino
  5. Katie Evestaff
  6. Christina Gillison
  7. Andrea Hawdon
  8. Gilda Iannello
  9. Gabriella Kett
  10. Lisa Levick
  11. Vanessa Morum
  12. Danielle Murray
  13. Deann Polito
  14. Michelle O’Reilly
  15. Kristie Syndikus
  16. Katie Tanton
  17. Janis Williams
  18. Angela Zabana