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Asthma Management

Asthma The York Catholic District School Board recognizes that there are some students within the school system who have a diagnosis of asthma which could be life threatening. The York Catholic District School Board also recognizes that asthma management is a shared responsibility among students, parents, caregivers and the entire school community. It is the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s) to advise the school immediately upon registration ... Continue reading "Asthma Management"

St. Nicholas is a Nut-Safe School

At St. Nicholas we are very proud of our proactive approach to making our school a safe environment for students with life-threatening food and/or insect bites allergies. We therefore request that all parents avoid packing lunches and snacks for their children, which “contain” or “may contain” nuts or nut products. These items present a very serious risk to the health and safety of some of ... Continue reading "St. Nicholas is a Nut-Safe School"